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Recipe: Bircher Muesli (Swiss style overnight oats)


My daily breakfast at the moment with a baby waking me up at 6.30 ready to start the day immediately. It’s easy to prepare and a real power starter into the day for us. I prepare it twice a week in the evening when Anouk sleeps and it serves breakfast for five days. Isn’t that a good deal? Furthermore it’s healthy and easy to digest and doesn’t lie heavy in your stomach as the dry ingredients are soaked in not only in a dairy product but also in water and juice.

Ingredients (4 Portions):

125g rolled oats (meaty)
50g rolled oats (tender)
150g grated apple
125g banana cut into slices
10g flaxseed
75ml apple juice
200ml water
200ml cream
15g honey

Combine everything in a bowl and mix it up with your hand. Then fill the muesli in a jar and let it sit in the fridge over night so the fluids and the other ingredients mix gently.

The amount above is enough to feed two adults for two days for breakfast. Tastes best within three days.




Mixtape: Expectations lead to disapointment




1. Gettin’Jiggy With It – Maeckes
2. Smells Like Content – The Books
3. Eh egal – Tom Liwa
4. Ölsardinenindustrie – Danger Dan
5. Papa (feat, Torch) – Denyo, Torch
6. Rumsitzen (feat. NMZS) -Danger Dan, NMZS
7. Abgeschminkt – Koljah, Danger Dan
8. Kebab Connection (Trans Danube Mix) – dunkelbunt
9. Oscar Wilde – The Cat Empire
10. Daydream in Blue – Monster
11. Dance With Me – Nouvelle Vague
12. Little Lady – General Elektriks
13. Criançada – Nicola Cruz, Castello Branco
14. There is Danger – (G Bonson Remix) – Wax Tailor, G Bonson
15. Pass The Marajuana – Mystic Roots Band
16. Love Let It Flow – Jules Ahoi & the Deepsea Orchestra
17. Planet Health – Chairlift
18. Joue pas de rock’n’ roll pour moi – Johnny Hallday
19. Sweet Mysterious – Mari Kvien Brunvoll
20. Gullfjellet – Bjørn Torske
21. Bulbo – Feathered Sun



Mixtape: Save us from the rut


Save us from the rut Metterschling Mixtape 2019


1. Reverse-Anger – Moriarty
2. The Staunton Lick – Lemon Jelly
3. Blaze Away – Morcheeba feat. Roots Manuva
4. I Came Running – Ancient Astronauts
5. Amor, Amor de Mis Amores – Natalia Lafourcade feat. Devendra Banhart
6. Nú Com A Minha Música – Devendra Banhart feat. Marisa Monte
7. Jimmy – Moriarty
8. Wuhan Girl – Le Villejuif Underground
9. Ding Dong – Musique Chienne
10. Dr. Dings – Tosca
11. The Room – Fenster
12. Das Licht Dieser Welt – Gisbert Zu Knyphausen
13. Vielleicht Vielleicht Fenster Session – AnnenMayKantereit
14. Cowboy Bossa – Mo’ Horizons feat. Yanez
15. City Lights From A Train – Vector Lovers
16. You Wish – Nightmares On Wax feat. Mozez
17. Ramblin’ Man – Lemon Jelly
18. Paradise Circus – Massvie Attack



Mother & Daughter


…Making Quatsch, Quatsch, Quatsch

  • Joan C. sagt:

    Oh, how lovely! And what a cute dress both of you are wearing! (I had to google “quatsch” -> shenanigans)

  • Lisa sagt:

    Ihr zwei seid zum Knutschen



    Mixtape: First Journey


    FirstJourney_Metterschling Mixtape 2019


    1. Grauer Beton – Lambert Rework
    2. The Sea – Morcheeba
    3. Father Ocean – Monolink
    4. Jeden Tag neu – Dota Kehr
    5. Ufos over Bengaluru – dunkelbunt
    6. Et ta mère – Zoufris Maracas
    7. Handbrake – Micatone
    8. Rollercoaster Girl – L’aupaire
    9. The Bounty – Rockamovya
    10. Orte – Dota Kehr
    11. Avant que je m’ennuie – Mathieu Boogaerts
    12. Addicted – Waldeck
    13. Dove of Peace – Patrice
    14. Morgenlandfahrt – Dunkelbunt feat. Deborat Mishra
    15. Want it back (feat. Patrice & The School Voices NYC) – Guts,The School Voices NYC, Patrice
    16. The Way It Goes – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
    17. Fred vom Jupiter – Andreas Dorau
    18. Keine Parolen – Dendemann
    19. An alle MCees da draußen – VSK
    20. Drüben bei Penny – Von Wegen Lisbeth
    21. Silbo – Féloche
    22. Eine Nacht in Manila – Bilderbuch

  • Christian sagt:

    Oh, fast verpasst! Gleich heut abend mal durchhören, danke Metterschling



    Recipe: Florentines

    Florentine recipe yum yum

    Recipe florentines

    After eating tons of these little goodies over the last weeks, I do not want to end the year on the blog without sharing this very simple recipe with a wow-effect with you. The first very calm new year’s eve for our little family is approaching and I might even think that I will begin the new year sleeping. But if not, this will be my midnight snack of choice.

    300g almonds
    150g dried fruit ( I took dates, figs, apricots and plums)
    225g fresh cream
    75g butter
    150g white sugar
    2 spoons vanilla sugar
    3 spoons of honey
    3 spoons plain all purpose flour
    A pinch of cinnamon
    150g dark chocolate

    Florentiner rezept

    1. Cut the dried fruit into small chunks. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. Put baking paper on two baking trays.
    2. Put cream, butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and honey in a pan or pot and boil until it is changing the colour to brown (it takes about 2-3 min and the bubbles get visibly bigger). Then pull away the pan from the stove and stir in the almonds and dried fruit, sieve the flour into the mixture.
    3. Take a spoon and create small piles of the mixture on the tray (approx. 6cm diameter) and put in the preheated oven for 7-8 min until the florentines are light brown. When pulling the florentines out of the oven take two spoons and create round shapes. Let them cool down, then turn them over.
    4. Melt the chocolate in a pot and apply the melted chocolate to the bottom side of the florentines.

  • Joan C. sagt:

    They look great! I already printed the recipe out for next year



    Xmas sweatshop



    Our third advent weekend: Hot knitting and stitching needles shaped our days combined with the smell of freshly baked xmas cookies as a little side project. Furthermore our home was filled with the smell of warm coconut and lavender oil in which we soaked the handmade wooden baby rattles to protect baby’s mouth when exploring the rattle. The lavender eases teething. Anouk conducted the baby-proof-test and as you can see she was happy with her parents’ work.



    Dots time

    Tinymedotjumper metterschling 2018

    A jumper for Anouk. Well, it will still take a while until she can wear it, probably another year (?!). The last jumper I knitted for her, fitted two weeks so a wise man told me to skip one size in the instruction booklet to be sure to finish the jumper in time. I crocheted the dots and added them afterwards to the jumper as I love it assymetrically. Anouk, I can’t wait to see you in this jumper. Until then I am looking forward to lot’s of daily adventures with you.

    Anouk let me take her favourite toys for taking the picture. The little lion rattle is a souvenir from her first holiday to Lisbon in September. The Emmi Pikler ball is an all time favourite. It was her first toy waiting for her when she was not even born. As Anouk means little bear in Inuit, a small wooden bear is a must. It was a birth present of a dear friend.



    Planet Childhood


  • Joan C. sagt:

    Staring at my cell at breakfast, up comes an email: News from Metterschling ^^ What a beautiful picture, isn’t that a swedish monkey? I am sure I have seen it before!

  • Doro G. sagt:

    Yes, the monkey is a classic. It’s from the Danish designer Kay Bojesen.