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Recipe: Florentines

Florentine recipe yum yum

Recipe florentines

After eating tons of these little goodies over the last weeks, I do not want to end the year on the blog without sharing this very simple recipe with a wow-effect with you. The first very calm new year’s eve for our little family is approaching and I might even think that I will begin the new year sleeping. But if not, this will be my midnight snack of choice.

300g almonds
150g dried fruit ( I took dates, figs, apricots and plums)
225g fresh cream
75g butter
150g white sugar
2 spoons vanilla sugar
3 spoons of honey
3 spoons plain all purpose flour
A pinch of cinnamon
150g dark chocolate

Florentiner rezept

1. Cut the dried fruit into small chunks. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. Put baking paper on two baking trays.
2. Put cream, butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and honey in a pan or pot and boil until it is changing the colour to brown (it takes about 2-3 min and the bubbles get visibly bigger). Then pull away the pan from the stove and stir in the almonds and dried fruit, sieve the flour into the mixture.
3. Take a spoon and create small piles of the mixture on the tray (approx. 6cm diameter) and put in the preheated oven for 7-8 min until the florentines are light brown. When pulling the florentines out of the oven take two spoons and create round shapes. Let them cool down, then turn them over.
4. Melt the chocolate in a pot and apply the melted chocolate to the bottom side of the florentines.

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  1. Joan C. |

    They look great! I already printed the recipe out for next year

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