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Recipe: Bircher Muesli (Swiss style overnight oats)


My daily breakfast at the moment with a baby waking me up at 6.30 ready to start the day immediately. It’s easy to prepare and a real power starter into the day for us. I prepare it twice a week in the evening when Anouk sleeps and it serves breakfast for five days. Isn’t that a good deal? Furthermore it’s healthy and easy to digest and doesn’t lie heavy in your stomach as the dry ingredients are soaked in not only in a dairy product but also in water and juice.

Ingredients (4 Portions):

125g rolled oats (meaty)
50g rolled oats (tender)
150g grated apple
125g banana cut into slices
10g flaxseed
75ml apple juice
200ml water
200ml cream
15g honey

Combine everything in a bowl and mix it up with your hand. Then fill the muesli in a jar and let it sit in the fridge over night so the fluids and the other ingredients mix gently.

The amount above is enough to feed two adults for two days for breakfast. Tastes best within three days.


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