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Dots time

Tinymedotjumper metterschling 2018

A jumper for Anouk. Well, it will still take a while until she can wear it, probably another year (?!). The last jumper I knitted for her, fitted two weeks so a wise man told me to skip one size in the instruction booklet to be sure to finish the jumper in time. I crocheted the dots and added them afterwards to the jumper as I love it assymetrically. Anouk, I can’t wait to see you in this jumper. Until then I am looking forward to lot’s of daily adventures with you.

Anouk let me take her favourite toys for taking the picture. The little lion rattle is a souvenir from her first holiday to Lisbon in September. The Emmi Pikler ball is an all time favourite. It was her first toy waiting for her when she was not even born. As Anouk means little bear in Inuit, a small wooden bear is a must. It was a birth present of a dear friend.

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