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Colours of fall




Collected memories


Natural materials in my home give me a basic sense of trust and belonging to the world that is deeper than being part of the everday game. I collected the shells in Chiloé/Chile where I felt deeply connected to the other, the nature circle of life. Thinking of Chile I see the widths of the Patagonian steppe with its intense colours and the endless, remote beaches of Chiloé where I could only spot a wild horse every once in a while behind a  rhubarb plant…The way the wooden birds by the Danish designer Kristian Vedel can show their mood simply by moving the head a tiny little bit, does not stop to amaze me. There must be a soul living in the birds. The magnetic couple was a present at our wedding. It symbolizes the magnetism of love that should never end…All these little treasures stand on a selfmade wooden shelve in my bedroom next to my bed and give my den a warm atmosphere.

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Beautiful things! Especially the birds seem like a great idea for the upcoming holiday season. I’ll get some. I always enjoy your postings even though this one is a bit densely typed. Keep it coming ^^



    Miss Dotti and her dots


    Metterschling on my table

    Dotti skating along

    …Driving for a walk in Berlin’s Gräfekiez on a sunny morning with my dotted balloon on my skateboard…

    Ublichen Glueckwunsch

    …and the new Impossible Round Frame Edition (I call it the dot film) in my Polaroid camera. It is even more excting taking a picture as you never know whether you get the right spot in the spot. Well in this case I did…

    Dots actually accompany me for quite a while now. I even think dots joined me longer than my friend the stripe. Thinking of dots I think of my flatmate in Sydney who gave me the name Dot as he could not pronounce my name. I liked it as it reminded me of Erich Kästner’s book “Pünktchen und Anton” (the English title is “Anna Louise and Anton”, but in German “Pünktchen” means Dotti, it is the nickname of Anna Louise, the main character of this children book). I should watch the really cute movie again by Caroline Link who adapted the book to a movie. Another important dot is my dotted dress I am wearing so often by Starstyling Berlin.



    Golden September



    1. Son of a Preacher Man – Falscher Hase feat. Doro
    2. Ain’t Got No – I Got Life – Nina Simone
    3. The Beat Goes On - Jojo Effect
    4.  Washington square - Chinese Man
    5.  La Tribu de Dana – Manau
    6. Hot in Here – Nelly
    7. Mirza – Nino Ferrer
    8. L’eta Dell Amore – Françoise Hardy
    9. Dusty Typewriter – Nouvelle Vague
    10. Bonnie & Clyde (herbert’s fred & ginger mix) – Zero 7 feat. Serge Gainsbourg
    11. L’anamour -  Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
    12.  Come On Eileen – Nouvelle Vague



    YES – Nature Wedding by the Sea





    The word marriage sparks many thoughts and associations, it confronts you with yourself, your relationship to your partner and friends and with heaps of sensibilities and good advice from family members. We wanted to invite our friends and family to come into our world – a world full of authenticity, creativity and love for detail, a world by the sea and by nature to spend three days of lightheartedness with us.



    The venue for our wedding should be connected to our relationship and love.  As we both love travelling the globe, preferably to places with good surf and food we wanted to return to a place where we shared a special time in our relationship. Travelling is something that does not only unite us as a couple but also with many of our friends. Before we made our final decision we asked our closest friends whether they would come when celebrating in a remote little place at the atlantic coast of Portugal. I am still overwhelmed by the positive reactions of our friends. Next step: Invite our closest family. Best  sentence heard then: “Ah, you want to have the honeymoon with your friends”. – Nope, honeymoon comes later.



    Everything was pretty spontaneous: We invited  family and friends in late February and celebrated on 16 August, so we had six months time for preparation. We both knew that we wanted to make everything ourselves and we wanted to surprise our guests with smiling details…so: Dubbo sweatshop GO!



    We typed all invitations by hand on an old Olympia typewriter. Each guest got his own Polaroid Picture with us holdng a small chalkboard with the date of our wedding…


    Time flew by in which we dyed, cut, sewed and ironed tons of cloth for in total: 570 m of bunting chain and napkins. We soldered 117 m of fairy lights. We collected and dried flowers in our selfmade herbarium for the name tags and menu.


    We cooked blackberry marmelade and wrote down our favorite recipes for our guests to take home….


    One week before the ceremony we arrived in Portugal.

    Among other things a very big todo on our list: Manufacturing a 17 m Long table and organizing enough chairs…

    No portuguese wedding without swallows



    …and calming down before the big day comes…



    YES! Ja! SI! Sim! Oui!














    Wedding Dinner





    Dancing till dawn



    Venue: Chill and Surf House; Event design and Invites: metterschling; Wedding Dress: MARIANNE CARØE; Food (wedding dinner, picnic and Snack by the church: Chill and Surf House; Wedding cake: Landeau; Photography in part: Felix H.

  • Daniel sagt:

    Wow… sauschöne Bilder, toller Post!

  • Funkflex sagt:

    Thank you guys for the nice time. Lovely bloq of yours!! Keep rockin :)

  • Tim sagt:

    Oh, toll! Schöne Ideen, schöne Location, schöne Bilder. Gratuliere!

  • Nina Borrusch sagt:

    Wow! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, das sieht alles sehr fantastisch aus :)

  • Johanna Preuss sagt:

    Yay!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Was für umerfende Bilder!

  • Ave Vals sagt:

    All the best! Congratulation!

  • Aileen sagt:

    Hallo Ubbo & Doro,
    alles Liebe noch einmal von uns aus Namibia zu eurer Hochzeit!!! Wir wünschen euch alles Glück dieser Erde!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Guido, Aileen und die Kinder

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    What an awesome wedding you two had! Your musings about the word marriage sound pretty reflected for such a young bird. Glad you didn’t heed all the advice, one never should. Did you play the YES mix at the venue? All the best to you both!

  • Henkdahenk sagt:

    Superblog, begeistert immer wieder, bis in 2 Wochen :)

  • Doro G. sagt:

    das machen nur die guten Fotos;-)

  • Doro G. sagt:

    Thank you, Joan! I made the YES! mix afterwards, but we played most of the songs, especially song one accompanied us all the way from preparing to celebrating our big day.

  • rainer maack sagt:

    tolle bilder,herzliche glückwünsche wenn auch sehr nachträglich aus dem hohen norden. gabi&rainer



    August: YES




    1. Stolen Dance – Milky Chance
    2. Cowboy – Kid Rock
    3. Feel Good – Gorillaz
    4. Alpha Beta Gaga (feat. Rhymefest) – Mark Ronson Remix
    5. Mundian To Bach Ke – Panjabi MC
    6. Erdbeben – Fettes Brot
    7. Jein – Fettes Brot
    8. Nordisch by Nature – Fettes Brot
    9. Crabbuckit – K-Os
    10. Who Let The Dogs out – BaHA men
    11. Underwater Love – Smoke City
    12. Somewhere over The Rainbow – Israel
    13.  Tag Am Meer – Die Fantastischen Vier
    14. Everyone Deserves Music – Spearhead
    15. Stolen Dance (FlicFlac Edit) – Milky Chance



    June: A hip, a hop, a hip hip hop





    1. S.P.A.N.D.A.U. – Icke & Er
    2. Hay un son – Orishas
    3.  Jump around – House of pain
    4. Kids – Marteria
    5. Dancehall Caballeros – Seeed
    6. Everythink is borrowed – The Streets
    7. Hard Knock Life – Jay-Z
    8. Remmidemmi – Deichkind
    9. Leider geil – Deichkind
    10. Safari – Blumentopf
    11. Toxic – Marc Ronson
    12. Malibu – Icke & Er
    13. Music Monks (The See(e)dy Monks) – Seeed
    14. Ab in den Süden – Seeed
    15. Berlin (Mit DJ DASG) – Icke & Er
    16. Stadtaffe – Peter Fox
    17. The Real Slim Shady – Eminem
    18. Things I’ve Seen – Spooks
    19. Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus & Pliers
    20. That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

  • Ricarda sagt:

    Music in the air, Mrs. G.
    See you tomorrow in P.

  • Christian sagt:

    coole zusammenstellung ne richtige zeitreise ^^



    Being at home reading books




    KINFOLK (Volume 11): Since I am a little girl I am a loyal magazine consumer. With all my magazines I read over the years I had my own rituals of consuming.  For example I always started reading the new volume from the end as I was already excited what was coming next. The best articles I read last. I kept them like little treasures for a special moment. When looking back I can say each magazine accompanied me in a seven year circle and ended a rite of passage. So I came to thinking that the anthroposophic way of thinking life goes in seven years steps might really be true. When my magaznie and I drifted apart a new magazine was already waiting for me in the shelf that all of a sudden caught my attention- up to now. Well, the last months I drifted between several magazines, but none felt right…then I stumbled over KINFOLK. What should I say: I found a new friend for the next seven years. I am always sad when finishing a good book. It is like an intensive small affair that opens the door to a new world. A good magazine is like a new friendship. We will see maybe KINFOLK becomes a friend for life.

    My favourite sentence in Volume 11: “I’ve come to savor those rather uneventful moments, such as curating a photo exhibit on my fridge that few will ever view.”

    KINFOLK feels like an anthology of short stories carefully curated and selected with love. You can soak in other people’s persectives of little things in daily life. The “HOME” volume felt a little bit like reading in a friend’s diary.

    Sunset Park by Paul Auster: “Coming of age” in new dimensions: not only the main character, the 28 year old Miles Heller is drifting like the “Catcher in the rye”. It’s also his 60 plus dad and all the other people in Miles’ surroundings with the US financial crisis in the neck.

    My favourite sentence (I translated the sentence from my German book version): “It feels good to be somewhere else for a few weeks, at some other place  but in your own head”.

    HIPSTER WIRD’S NICHT by Uli Hannemann: Berlin is the home of my heart. I have a special connection to this city that has always been by home when being in a liminal stage. Uli Hannemann is among the variey of author’s writing about Berlin my most favourite one: razor sharp descriptions of current life in the “Kiez” Neukölln from the view of a “real” Berliner. For me the incorporation of the “Berliner Schnauze” and its humour. Nearly each sentence felt like a citation I wanted to keep  in mind becoming part of my own vocabulary.

    Most favourite word learnd: wohlstandsverwahrlost – That’s how the main character in the book characteries the average Berlin Hipster.

    Also really good by Uli Hannemann: Neulich in Neukölln

    Der Mond flieht by Rax Rinnekangas: I think books from the far north all have this implicit mysticim and this subtle threat like a thriller and so does this book about a childhood in summer in Finland. I admire Rinnekangagas ability to catch the thoughts of thirteen year old children on their lives in the liminal stage between childhood living in your own fantasy world and adolescence that is accompanied with a loss of innocence on different levels.


  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Really enjoyed Sunset Park as well :) Not too US centric?

  • Doro G. sagt:

    it is pretty US-centric, yes, but I learned loads about the love for baseball and about American intellectuals:) What I liked most about the book is the drifting of the people in their post-adolescence with the American crisis in the back…This drifting is a sign for my whole generation that is suddenly 30 but does not at all has the standard of living as their parents did.

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    didn’t get the BB references either :)



    May: Going South



    1. O Estranho Casó do Amante Preguicosó – Rui Reiniho
    2. Sonho de um carnaval – Chico Buarque
    3. Rasta got Soul – Fantan Mojah
    4. She Moves – Alle Farben
    5. Emigrantski Raggamuffin – Rotfront
    6. Reality – Oliver Koletzki
    7. Sometimes – Alle Farben
    8. Down – Alle Farben
    9. Que Sera Sera – Doris Day
    10. Bring me home – Oliver Koletzki
    11. So Wrong – Oliver Koletzki
    12. Everthing is Borrowed – The Streets




    Rhubarb Day Part II: Make the rhubarb season never end


    Rhubarb and strawberry compote


    1000g         rhubarb, chopped
    500g           strawberries, halved
    260g           sugar
    8                  tablespoons water
    2                  tablespoons lemon juice
    1                  tablespoon vanilla (organic)

    and many small weck glasses!

    Three steps to your rhubarb compote:

    1. Wash rhubarb and strawberries. Cut rhubarb and strawberries in small pieces.

    2. Put rhubarb in a big saucepan, add the sugar, Lemon juie and water. Turn the heat on medium and cook for about ten to twelve minutes. Add the strawberries after two minutes. In the meanwhile boil off the weck glasses for at least 10 minutes. Then let them dry in the sun (or on your kitchen table on a clean kitchen towel). It is really important to be rigidly here because otherwise your compote will mould very soon.

    3. Put the hot compote in your hygenic weck glasses and close with the weck mechanism.

    It’s damn yummy to Dutch poffertje or vanilla ice!