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A hint of French-Nordic Chic for Autumn

Metterschling Autumn 2015

Metterschling autumn 2015 outfit

1. When I recently spent a week in San Sébastian in Norther Spain I fell in love with MONTES+MUGICA (Calle Narrica 1) – a curated succulent shop with attention to detail in the heart of town.  While hiking in the Andes I first saw these parasite plants. I decided to take two of those easy to take care of green fellows back home. They now give my white bathroom a lively touch.
2. Fish necklace from the jewellery line of French designer Isabel Marant.
3. I can’t tell you how urgently I needed a new wallet since my old one, a tiny bird shaped leather wallet – a temporary solution for more than five years – broke. I was so happy about this birthday present by my dearest friends. The omybag wallet is produced fair-trade in India and made from eco-friendly leather. It also houses my first smart phone I just got.
4. The nights are getting longer now: The owl sitting on my bathroom shelf just reminded me of that.
5. Looking trés chic even when you didn’t shower before you leave the house with the grey hat from Isabel Marant etoile.
6. At first you think: a simple woolen jumper. But then you see the details: the zip at the back going all the way down and a flared shape. I like Cos for its timeless chic.

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    So nice, I just got around reading you blog again. I love the merch from Paris. The necklace is gorgeous, for sure. You have so many necklaces you must wear a different one for morning and afternoon, right?
    Also good to know where you got the hat my hubby will get it for my birthday, pretty sure!



    September: ¡Hola Ola!

     ¡Hola Ola! Metterschling Mixtape 2015

    ¡Hola Ola! Metterschling Mixtape September 2015



    1. How I think of you – Malakoff Kowalski
    2. Deconectate
    3. Batman ist tot – Eljot Quent
    4. The Moss – Cosmo Sheldrake
    5. Wonderwall – Oasis
    6.  The beast lives in the same place – Corinna Repp
    7. Tease me – Chaka Demus & Pliers
    8. Is dis love – Alborosie
    9. Dungeon Sound – Gramatik
    10. Garden – HINDS
    11. New Moon – Alumna
    12. Flights- LucaVenetia

  • Christian sagt:

    Supergeil! Hatte die neuer-post mail im spam, da hätte ich ja fast was verpasst! Batman ist tot – HipHop lebt. Wer ist den das bei desconetate? Guter Flow. Mal wieder ein toller und abwechslungsreicher mix aus dem Kopf von Frau G! Danke ^^

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    What a great soundtrack, I especially favor Almunia (I know them for a while now) and of course tease me (a classic). Already looking forward to the next one. You should get money from iTunes, I always end up buying half the songs -wink-



    Paris: A Parisienne for 72 hours

    Datei 03.10.15 20 04 12

    Daydreaming and eating baguette for breakfast…

    Datei 03.10.15 19 21 33

    Waiting dogs and the smell of all kinds of urine in the streets…
    Being a big city traffic soldier: Navigating up and down the hills through crazy traffic switching from the bicycle path to the street to the sidewalk always searching for the gap to procede on your way to the next stop.
    Rent a bike that does not look like a rental: Vélo Paris (44, rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris)

    Datei 03.10.15 19 24 11

    Inspiration: La manufacture parisienne (93 rue marcadet, paris 18)


    Datei 03.10.15 19 53 44

    When streetart inspires making streetart…A neighbour found the ghosts to bring depressive vibes in the hood and took matters into his hand, or better on the wall…

    Datei 03.10.15 19 42 29

    Hidden arty surprises in some corners…

    Datei 03.10.15 19 41 51

    Feeling bohemian and ready to train for a Pina performance in the dressing room area of the Isabel Marant boutique (16 Rue de Charonne, +33 1 49 29 71 559)

    Datei 03.10.15 19 55 56

    You found it when you feel totally lost next to KFC in front of the metro exit Porte de Clignancourt. The (fruit) dealers try to make the entrance seem inconspicious but hey: Go ahead! A little wonder of creativity, alternative but yet hipster flair is waiting behind: La Recyclerie: 83 Boulevard Ornano; 75018 Paris; +33 1 42 57 58 49)…

    Datei 03.10.15 19 54 48

    Letting the sun shine on you while sipping on a drink…


    Datei 03.10.15 19 58 26

    Soaking in the life of South Pigalle passing by sitting in front of a café with your love sipping on a hot drink: KBCoffeeshop (53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris, +33 1 56 92 12 41)…

    Cocooning in a little, frenchy apartment in South Pigalle sipping on a glass of wine and eating artichoke bits after a long day of cycling and soaking in Paris, taking a hot bath before cuddlling yourself under the massive duvet…

  • Joan sagt:

    What a great trip, thanks so much for sharing. Especially since my hubby and I plan visiting in summer 2016. Hope the pointers hold up until then *g* Artsy pictures too, if I can manage to stay as relaxed as you in nr1 I’ve made it!



    Hipster medication: Muesli 5 plus

    Hipster medication muesli 5plus mettereschling 2015

    I recently read an interview with Devendra Benhart in my favorite magazine The Weekender that ended with Devendra’s Muesli recipe. Once I saw the ingredients I felt like fallen out of a time machine – my little me sitting on the breakfast table before school eating Kellog’s Original’s pimped up with choclate powder – and suddenly somewhere in time where you hardly know any ingredients of a normal breakfast dish: chia seeds, goji berries, pollen…???

    What happened is hipster cereal (r)evolution. This came into my mind when I found myself a little later at the organic supermarket in front of an empty shelf with a  goji berry tag only. Secondly my hunting instinct was sparked to get all the ingredients of Devendra’s muesli to give it a try.  Well it is the most expensive muesli I have ever eaten. It’s pretty tasty though, I modified it a bit. Maybe you want to give it a go as a weekend starter.

    Hipster medication Muesli 5plus Metterschling 2015

    Ingredients (1 Portion) (fruits depending on season):

    - 250g organic vanilla joghurt
    - 3 spoons oat flakes
    - 1 spoon goji berries
    - 1 spoon almond slivers
    - 1 tea spoon chia seeds
    - 1 tea spoon bee pollen
    -  a half finely sliced apple
    - 1 spoon blueberries

    Mix it all up and Enjoy!

  • Christian sagt:

    OMG jetzt erobern schon digitale Gojibären das Internet ; ) Ich glaub’ ich bleib’ bei Stullenfrühstück.



    August: Summer, Sun, Unicorn

    Metterschling Mixtape August 2015

    Metterschling Mixtape August 2015

    1. Istanbul – They Might be Giants
    2.  Mi Negrita – Devendra Banhart
    3. Petit pays – Césaria Évora
    4. 100 – Dean Blunt
    5. We Will Become Silhouettes – The Postal Service
    6. Reload – Stéphane Pompougnac
    7. I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List – DJ Koze
    8. Geheime CD – Weekend
    9. Miami – Will Smith
    10.  The Eyes of a Miracle – Kareem Raïhani
    11. I’m a Believer -The Monkees
    12. Three Point One Four – Bloodhound Gang
    13.  Nous (feat. Juliette & C. Mayr) - Kleintierschaukel
    14. Pigs… (In There) – Robert Wyatt

    Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus – Niju

  • Christian sagt:

    Was soll ich sagen – Mal wieder ein echter Hammer, danke. Schon entspannt, wenn einem jemand monatlich gute Musik raussucht! Auch wenn sich Teile von CD1 auf CD2 wiederholen. Tipp: Auf Compton / Dr. Dre sind einige gute Tracks.

    PS: Pigs ist der HAMMER / Mein Top1, auch wenn die Wahl schwer fällt



    Venice: La Biennale di Venezia 2015

    Wandering the world’s futures on a paper airplane


    Ernesto Ballesteros’ performance at the Arsenale

    Meet the bees at the American Pavillion


    The focus on mother nature in the American Pavillion is what I would not have exspected.  If the American government does not change its attitude toward climate change the childhood world Joan Jonas created will become a sad testimonial to the generations who follow  a world that used to be(e)…

    Japanese Pavillion: Where is my key?


    For me each key of Chiharu Shiota’s art work stands for a life. Depending on the signs of wear and tear of the keys you can think of life stories all over the world and how everyone is connected with one another in different ways. It is very impressing how the keys are arranged in a net and around an old Japanese fisher’s boat.

    Tetsuya Ishida’s brave new world: DIY human in a box and other dystopian realities

    Massinissa Selmani: oberving society with a sharp pencil and good portion of twinkle


    Making art by playing with art: The Israelian Pavillion

    The best outside wrapping of a Pavillion and also nearly the only one that included curation of the facade. Well, of course it was not meant to be played with, but the loose zip ties of the connected car tires were so inviting. It made so much fun being the Biennale’s cockroach for a few seconds. Then the Pavillion’s guard friendly told us that the art work is not to be touched…Luckily we did not have to delete our pictures.

    Herman de Vries: Every story ends with a full stop


    Well, it does not look like it, but loads of art work at this year’s Biennale was pretty disturbing and heavy to consume, so it was pretty refreshing to focus on something aesthetically beautiful – dried plants and found objects on the beach arrangend in a frame by Herman de Vries at the Dutch Pavillion. I was lucky to get a spot at the little excusion boat to Lazzaretto Vecchio to see another art work by Herman de Vries who interacted with the uninhabited island. The first isolation hospital in the world was located on this little island  in 1423. It was used to save Venice from the plague. Today the island looks like a forgotten paradise – nature has taken over. In between the old buildings you can hear stories whistleing in the wind. A small initiative of volunteers- the archeoclub d’italia took over to bring the island back to life – they plan a museum about the history of Venice, as well as a university campus for archeologists and a cultural center. The are dependent on private donors.


    When strolling around Venice art hotspots all day it happens that you cannot stop  seeing art everywhere…

    Veins of Venice



    Eating art: postbox and ringing bell of a private household somewhere in town

    Art makes tired, thirsty and hungry.  Here are my two favorite spots in town after an intensive day:

    Osteria Al Squero (Dorsodura 943-944, Venice)
    Sipping Aperol Spritz for 2.50 Euro and eating crustini (small slices of bread with olive paté, tuna, etc.) while sitting on the wall by the water in front of this authentic place – the perfect appetizer before dinner.

    Grom (Campo San Barnaba 2761, Venice)
    This icecream shop comes into my top 3 list of best ice-creams ever eaten. I judge ice-cream shops by tasting vanilla and pistacho as these are the flavours most difficult to create. The ice is creamy but not heavy. For the fruity ones they also have delicious sorbets.


  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    You are always making me so jealous! The places you’ll go as Dr. Seuss would say. I am glad our humble nation made the cut into your blog!



    Growing old in Venice

    Old ladies in Venice, Italy

    I like strolling around new places and observing people… Growing old shows other advantages of life: while others head off to work these old ladies enjoy the morning sun on the staircase in front of their home reading the news and having a cigarette.

  • Christian sagt:

    Biennale oder nur mal so?

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Just back from Canada and so much to catch up on here! What a pleasant surprise. If I don’t quit smoking until I turn 80 hopefully I am at least as cool, calm and collected as these two gals *grin*. Looking forward to reading all about Amsterdam northside while checking out the new mixtape tonite!



    Having fun in a photo booth

    Amsterdam Fotobooth Metterschling 2015



    Amsterdam Noord: Take me to the other side

    Amsterdam Noord Metterschling 2015

    Getting a place to stay in Amsterdam in summer, four weeks before arrival can be a real challenge. Well, the good thing: you look beyond your own nose.

    Metterschling in Amsterdam Noord 2015

    …and voilà: you find yourself in an upcoming neighbourhood including the adventure of taking a ferry to get to and from your home for two days: Sweet Dreamz (Meidoornweg 2; Phone:020-4940684) in Amsterdam Noord. Two oldschool stylish bikes per room are included in the price. The rooms are spacious, each of the three rooms is well curated and sunny. There is no breakfast, but an Albert Heijn supermarket is only a stone’s throw away, so you can either grab some food and cycle around till you find a nice spot by the canal to eat or if it’s rainy eat your self-brought breakie in your room.

    Sweet Dreams Amsterdam boutique hotel Metterschling 2015

    Sweet dreams amsterdam Metterschling 2015

    Industrial flair in this old boat house directly at the waterkant: Hotel de Goudfazant (Aambeeldstraat 10 H; Phone: 020 – 63 65 170)
    Ate best oysters of my life!

    Amsterdam Noord delicious oysters and choclate mousse

    Don’t feel confused on your way to the restaurant: Yes, it is in a rural industrial area. Just follow the music of the next door boulder center. If your budget is low, just come here with your picnic from Albert Heijn, sit on one of the public benches and get in touch with the locals.

    Fleamarket at IJ-Hallen (Tt. Neveritaweg 15; Phone:+31 229 581 598)

    IJ Hallen Fleamarket Amsterdam Noord Metterschling 2015

    Biggest fleamarket I have every seen: Full of old industrial furniture for incredibly cheap prices. Come here with a huge car!  Vintage hunting makes hungry so take the chance to try the Poffertje’s (Dutch pancakes) situated at the entrance to the big hall.

    On the other side


    Fall in love with this picture from artist Stiger Woods I saw at the concept store Hutspot (Van Woustraat 4; Phone: 020-2231331) in de Pijp…

    Quick fruit boost at Pluk (Reestraat 19). The two smoothies are very tasty and the interior design is too good to be true. A bit irritating was that even the staff took pictures of the food they sold with their smart phones…
    Pluk Amsterdam delicious smoothies Metterschling 2015

    Drinking an organic coke at “La Tete” directly at the ferry stop “Westerdocksdijk”. A modern version of the chippy selling loose tea, selfmade granola and wraps with hummus. Very relaxed atmosphere.

    La tete amsterdam Metterschling 2015

    La tete Amsterdam Metterschling 2015
    ..before heading back to my hood…

    A short sociological observation for the hipster in us:

    Amsterdam = Hipster heaven: Beautiful and well dressed people, eating organic food, drinking the most healthy green smoothies not missing a good portion of chia seeds, going shopping in well curated concept stores of course (mmh, which coffee table book should I buy?) and hunting industrial vintage furniture at the flea-market, or better, a curated vintage furniture store…
    One thing makes the hipster sad…This is all mainstream in Amsterdam.



    July: True Summer

    True Summer Metterschling Mixtape July 2015

    True summer Metterschling Mixtape July 2015


    1. Guter Tag – Chefket
    2. Arms – Seabear
    3. Cumbia Sobre El Mar (Dem-Búho Edit) – El_Búho
    4. The Power Ballad – Molly Nilsson
    5. Sexual Healing Kygo Remix – Marvin Gaye
    6. Cruel Summer – Blue Crush
    7. Domino – TB
    8. Für immer Wochenende – Weekend
    9. Default – Django Django
    10. Left Hand Free – alt-J
    11. Love Will Tear us Apart –  Joy Division
    12. Smiling – Jonathan Jeremiah
    13. Paroles, paroles – Dalida & Alain Delon

  • Christian sagt:

    Yes, supergeil wie immer. Da bekommt man richtig Bock auf Wassermelone. Werde mir die Trax mit in den Urlaub nehmen, danke!