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Rhubarb day Part I



Rhubarb cake for bon vivants

750g     rhubarb
250g     flour
250g     soft butter
250g     sugar
75g       starch flour
4           free range eggs (size M)
1           package vanilla sugar
2          teaspoons backing powder
a          pinch of salt (I take fleur de sel)
a          big pinch vanilla (organic)

Three steps to your cake

1. Wash rhubarb and chop it into small pieces. Mix the chopped pieces with the big pinch of the vanilla in a bowl and set aside. Preheat the oven on 200 centigrade.

2.  Mix butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and fleur de sel and stir 8 min until thick and creamy. Add the eggs one after the other mixing them one Minute until adding the next egg. Mix flour, strch glour and the backing powder and add to the butter and egg bulk.

Note: It is important to mix first the wet and then the dry ingredients seperately before mixing them together otherwise the cake will taste like Stone!

3. Put the dough into a round greased and floured baking form. Add the rhubard pieces on top of the dough. Put the cake into the preheated oven for 30-40 minutes until the cake turned golden. Then put the cake out and let it cool a bit. Add icing sugar and serve warm.

If you want you can serve it with vanilla ice or vanilla Sauce which is also damn yummy!


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    absolutely: damn yummy



    First taste of summer




    Lying on my bed with a bad headache. Suddendly this bowl of fresh watermelon lands next to me and reactivates my spirits of life: I can smell and taste summer! And I guess water melons will play a central part in my summer this year

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    Wunderschöne Bilder und genialer Blog! Genießt den Ehealltag! Beste Grüße aus Frankreich :D




    Updated: 27 October 2014

    Steep hills, colourful tiled old town houses, outstanding food



    Where San Francisco meets Valparaiso meets Europe’s old Glory


    Downtown Design Hostel: Rua dos Sapateiros 231, Lisboa


    There is no obvious sign when you stand at the front door of this old town house next to a strip bar, but you are right when you reached the first house on the street coming from the Praca Dom Pedro IV.  Once you are in, it feels quite homey. From the breakfast table you have a perfect view on Praca Dom Pedro IV. The double rooms with shared bathroom come with a little balcony. Great value for money. Double room with breakfast for 2 People/night: 35,00 Euro. You are right in the City center but can enjoy a quiete sleep. Be aware though that the service can be quite chaotic as the hostel is way understuffed…

    A Casa das Janelas com Vista: Rua Nova do Loureiro 35, Lisboa

    Charming little boutique bed and breakfast for design fetishists. The service is guests’ heaven. Chill on one of the massive couches in the living room like at home before going to bed reading an international design magazine or let your eyes wonder around the room to catch another little interior detail while drinking some fresh mint tea without being charged any money. The breakfast is as artesanal as are the rooms with a good hint of local specialties and with freshly squeezed orange juice as much as you want to get the right boost for the day to climb Lisbon’s steep hills. Book well in advance to get a room.



    Tram 28:  take the old fashioned tram for a first discovery of town. It will wind up and down the hills passing all important tourist points. Starting the trip not in downtown but at the last station (Praca Sao Joao Bosco) will give you an authentic experience sharing the tram with locals and kids hanging on outside the tram instead of a horde of tourists.

    It is best (cheaper) to buy the tickets at a local ”jugos” shop. There are heaps around town. One trip lasts one hour and you can hop on and off as you want. A single ticket costs around 1.70 Euro.


    I loved getting lost in the labyrinth of  streets and hills discovering heaps of great murials, street laterns, amazing tiles and viewpoints (like the Miradouro do Adamastor) with an amazing views of the different angles of town.

    Luxury Option: let yourself be driven around town in the sidecar of an oldtimer motorbicycle. A three hours guided tour costs 120,00 Euro for two people.

    Car: Parking in town is ridiculously expensive (up to 46 Euros for one day!). A good car park still in walking distance to downtown is  Marques (Entrance at: Alameda Edgar Cardoso). You pay 12 Euro/24h. Parking on the street is not recommandable. The police locks your wheels and you will pay a hell lot of money.



    Café Fabúlas: Calçada Nova de São Francisco 14, Lisboa, Phone: +351 21 601 8472
    Best place to grab something to eat or have a drink in downtown without five language menu cards and with tasty Portugese fusion cuisine. Food is served on old sewing machine tables and other vintage finds.

    Landeau: Lx Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, Lisboa
    I accidently stumbled in Sophie’s Café at the LX factory: Choclate cake to die for!

    Gelateria Nannarella: Rua Nova da Piedade, 68, Lisboa
    Eating this amazing icecream reminded me of my childhood. The icecream was dropping everywhere as the bowl is massive, first down the scone then on my hand, then on my other hand because I switched it when I realized the running ice cream, then on my clothes. In the end I had a smiling face covered with a massive choclate beard around my mouth and my dotted dress got new brown dots ;-).

    Chocolateria Equador:

    Artesanal tasty choclate. I fell in love with the design of the wrapping paper of all the different types of choclate and the cute choclate umbrellas.

    Burger Factory: Lx Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, Lisboa

    Lisbon has a lot of similarities to San Francisco: A City built on hills, a “Golden Gate Bridge”, a City shaped by the sea, a lot of hidden treasures and heaps of burger places. That makes me think that hamburger are also a kind of national food to the Portugese People like the “Döner” for the Germans.  This burger place serves hand made chips to your burger with Chili and apple, blue cheese and other (not so) common combinations.

    Taberna Portuguesa: Calçada do Combro 115, Lisboa; Phone: +351 914 289 997


    Tasty local tapas and the best Sangria “con frutas de bosque” I drank after a long day discovering Lisbon. Take three tapas to share for two. This is how the locals do it!  I can recommend the cheese bits with tomato jam, some dish with bacalau, Portugal’s most famous fish and the beans with garliac.

    Manteigaria: Praça de Luis de Camões, 1200 Lisboa
    For dessert on your walk back to the hotel or as a gift for your beloved ones at home: “Pastéis De Nata”. At Manteigaria you get the best in town: fresh from the oven into your mouth with a hint of cinnamon.Yum!




    A vida Portugesa:


    Items from the good old times all made in Portugal. The Portugese Manufactum. Try your luck at the cardbord game and win jummy choclate at the check out.

    Atelier Autêntico: Beco da Rosa, 2C e 2D, Lisboa



    Vintage Stuff: Lx Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, Lisboa

    Rua Sao Bento: Vintage furniture heaven!



    Cavalo de Pau: Rua Sao Bento 164, Lisboa



    Vintage furniture from around the world. The fish you can see on the picture is a former hook for fishing that I am now using to hang up my necklaces. Nice to dive into another world but pricy.

    Embaixada: Praca do Principe Real 26, Lisboa


    This old embassy building turned to a fashionista magnet. The building is home to small fashion designers from Portugal with their little boutiques. The Café in the Patio serves very good Galao for 1,20 Euro.

    Ler Devagar (“Read slowly”) – Bookshop: Rua Rodrigues Faria,n. 103, Lisboa


    A dream of a bookstore comes true. I wish I could read Portugese…


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    o que é um especialista em opinião de ter formado em pouco tempo

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Just came back from our trip to Lisbon, couldn’t check out all the suggestions due to time restraints.
    But very glad my hubby stumbled across your blog (chocolate cake to die for!). Might have been easier if it was called europe city travel guides or something along those lines :-)

    Thanks for all the pointers (esp. chocolate + library), yours Joan

  • Doro G. sagt:

    you are right, the guide is hard to find. “Fernweh” is a word you cannot translate into English like for example the word “Zeitgeist”. It means the opposite of homesick. But it suits so much to the feeling I have when thinking of new destinations to travel to that I want to keep the name for my guides. Maybe it is also good when not too many people find those little treasures I write about but only the ones who really aprreciate it. And it seems you did;-)

  • Stef Anie sagt:

    Just 2 1/2 weeks left to our trip to Lisboa and I am already curious if I love the chocolate cake as much as you did! And if it is comparable to Fräulein Dickes cake in Kreuzberg, Berlin : ). When you come close, you should definitely try it. Thanks for the travel guide.
    Sunny smile Stef



    April: it is easier…

    …to understand a nation by listening to its music than by learning its language




    1.  N Dakota – Light Up Gold
    2. Golden Brown - The Stranglers
    3. Je Veux – Zaz
    4. Tortoise Shell Avenue – Giyo
    5. Man o to – Nu
    6. Mind Games – Giyo
    7. In My Spaceship – Jan Turkenburg
    8. Pass This On – The Knife
    9. Kiss – Prince & The Revolution
    10. Happy – Pharrell Williams
    11. Le Long De La Route – Zaz
    12. Scar Issue – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    13. Bruca Manigua – Ibrahim Ferrer
    14. Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues
    15. Lose it – Austra



    Berlin Tempelhof: Keep rolling..




     Sunshine, clear view, no traffic. My turn: 3,2,1 Go!

    Spreading not my wings to fly away, but taking the luxuary to enjoy the airstrip of shut down Tempelhof Airport on my skateboard. Geee, I am lucky. Am I in heaven? No hills, no run down streets full of bumpiness.

    I am getting faster and faster. Are there growing wings on my back? Feeling the fresh breeze in my face. Am I  surfing on a very good, consistent, neverending wave? What’s that?  Skateboards with kites in all sizes and self-made funky vehicles are crossing my path…I landed in a Biotope not only of threatened species of birds but also of threatened human species…

    After surfing my wave, I dive into history. I close my eyes, lying in the sun and all of a sudden I can hear it: The sound of the airplanes, the “Rosinenbomber” bringing food to the little island: West Berlin. Opening my eyes: back in present time. What an amazing place. Next time I play crazy golf in the artist installation I spot on my way out of garden eden. My escape in Berlin.




    My Antwerp outfit


    1. Yellow blouse by a.puur.a (by katrien buyle)

    2. a Little surprise from &Designshop

    3. Tape by mt

    4. Vintage Pharmacy Bottle by Tante Brocante

    5. Long purple skirt by nice things (Paloma S.)



    My new love: long skirts





    Postindustrial buildings and upcoming design scene


     Sweatshop Deluxe: Zaagmolendrift 35, Rotterdam

    I like the concept of the store: upcoming dutch designers who have forever reasons problems to get into the labour market can produce their design products in the workshops behind the showroom. Most products are made out of sustainable or recycled materials.


    Heading South of Rotterdam: Katendrecht

    Winkelcafé De Zeeuwse Meisjes: Sumatraweg 13b, Rotterdam

    Vintage finds, classics from ferm living and co. and beautiful designed postcards by local designers . Delicious brodjes (self-made bread) with salmon and self-made Senf or chesse with spanish pepper Marmelade.

    North Rotterdam: Zwanshaals Straat and around

    IMG_0413 - Kopie_1

    &Designshop: Zwaanshals 520, Rotterdam


    King Kong Hostel: Witte de Withstraat 74, Rotterdam

    Inspiring design hostel with bohemian guests. Very comfy beds with high class linen. Clever: the dorms have ensuite bathrooms and extra WC. The lobby is a popular hang out for the locals around. We met the owner of the popular bar next door who gave us fabolous tips for less gentrified ares of Rotterdam. The hostel rents out bikes, but for 15,00 Euro/day they are rather expensive, so check out other places if you have time…


    Parking in Rotterdam is horrible. Although there are enough parking slots on the street, it is impossible for a foreigner to take them as you need a Dutch mobile phone number to download the app for parking on the street. The only option in the city center is to drive into an overprized car park (about 20,00 Euro per day, depending on the area, at least 2,00 Euro/hour).

    Park and Ride is the best option. The closest and best is Kralingse Zoom (8 min with the underground into the city center). A return ticket costs 6,00 Euro. Parking is for free.

    Getting around

    Take the chance to take a watertaxi to Hotel New York. A ride from one of the pick up points costs 3,00 Euro. I felt like in a James Bond film cruising to the other side. The watertaxi fits 6-8 people. From Hotel New York there you have a great view on the other side of Rotterdam. From there it is a stone’s throw to Katendrecht.


    Margreet Holsthoorn: Schilderstraat No.5, Rotterdam

    Curated Fashion store with regular art exhibitions. Inspiring but Pricy.

    Objet Trouvé: Pannekoekstraat 44A, Rotterdam






    Fashion, lively tea Scene and lots of vintage furnitures




    Thé Atro: Oever 29a, Antwerp

    Cute little organic café with an amazing tea only menu. Ask the owner and tea taster Esther for her recommendations. The Tiramisu and the other tarts are delicious and daily fresh.


    We took the chance to sleep in the loft of a fashion designer couple.  Seemed very authentic when regarding the factthat everybody talks of Antwerp as the fashion capital of Europe. You can find the loft of Ken and Anthony on AirBnB


    The car park “National Bank” is the cheapest way to park. 24h for 7,50 Euro.


    A.PUUR.A: Nationalstraat 37, Antwerp

    Fresh15: Lombardenvest 15, Antwerp

    Pop-up-Store of Roos Vandekerckhove

    Perfect for lovers of intense colourfull fashion and geometric patterns

    Tante Brocante: Kloosterstraat 53, Antwerp

    Old pharmacy bottles, massive wine bottles and other decorate vintage stuff for home. Compared to the other vintage shops on Kloosterstraat Tante Brocante has pretty reasonable prices and you can bargain!






    Heaven for messsed up industrial design buildings  and Lovers of street art




    Depot O9: Nieuwevaart 118, Ghent

    Vintage furniture in a huge old industrial building as far as you can look. Some coriousities like a head of a stork. Don’t forget your camera as the whole area is a stunning photo option.

    Huiszwaluw: Hoogpoort 3b, Ghent