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A vida portuguesa for home

A vida portuguesa Metterschling Portugal 2016

1. This cup has a long life behind it before I found it at the little vintage shop Muito Muito in Lisbon at the LX Factory and it already experienced new adventures with me as noodle pot, fresh verbena tea cup and herb holder during our road trip. Now it’s a plant pot for one of my succulents.

2. From which house of Porto might this tile be from? I will never know but now it will be at a special place in my home. I found it at a really cool little shop in a quiet side-street of Porto called Coração Alcerim.

3. This soap from A vida Portuguesa is made of donkey milk which is meant to keep your skin not only clean but moist. We will see.  I just liked the design so much.

4. A little box made from a shell. A very clever idea. It will shelter my most important ring when not on my hand.

5.  I really like the design of this postcard featuring a children’s book illustration. It says: What’s difficult becomes easy. Well, is life not just a game where we constantly enter a new level getting new challenges to overcome? I will try to constantly remind myself of this picture which symbolizes confidence: Don’t worry you will make it. I found the postcard at A vida Portuguesa.

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