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Sea inspired weekend

Objets trouvés Metterschling January 2017

objets trouvés Metterschlling 2017

Some nature on the wall collected over the last years: a crab back I found in Ecuador, a driftwood branch also from Ecuador, a feather from the beach of St. Peter Ording, a eucalyptus blossom from the local market and a japanese paper knife shaped like a whale. I love my home growing with our memories.

seaweed salad with cucumber

Celebrating Chinese New Year’s with cucumber seaweed salad with roasted sesame seeds from Olafur Eliasson’s cookbook “The Kitchen”. Eaten to fast to take a picture we also had: freshly steamed and fried dumplings (also from Olafur’s cookbook), a miso soup and mochi for dessert.

Chinese New Year's dinner 2017

The celebration was in some ways a premiere and also left a mystery. Well, what do I mean? I have never drunken so many different teas on one evening (each tea fitting best to one plate), superfood all around with the seaweed and the jiaogulan tea, a Chinese herbal tea that is meant to make you live forever, and the question: who ate the dumpling that was stuffed with a wasabi nut and was meant to crown the emperor of the night?

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  1. Joan J. |

    How lovely! My hubbie was so inspired he made a seaweed salad yesterday. It wasn’t easy to get, so he found the dried algae sheets online. We didn’t match your tea variety though: Just Jasmine *g*

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