ein Blick in den Kopf von Frau G.

Berlin Tempelhof: Keep rolling..




 Sunshine, clear view, no traffic. My turn: 3,2,1 Go!

Spreading not my wings to fly away, but taking the luxuary to enjoy the airstrip of shut down Tempelhof Airport on my skateboard. Geee, I am lucky. Am I in heaven? No hills, no run down streets full of bumpiness.

I am getting faster and faster. Are there growing wings on my back? Feeling the fresh breeze in my face. Am I  surfing on a very good, consistent, neverending wave? What’s that?  Skateboards with kites in all sizes and self-made funky vehicles are crossing my path…I landed in a Biotope not only of threatened species of birds but also of threatened human species…

After surfing my wave, I dive into history. I close my eyes, lying in the sun and all of a sudden I can hear it: The sound of the airplanes, the “Rosinenbomber” bringing food to the little island: West Berlin. Opening my eyes: back in present time. What an amazing place. Next time I play crazy golf in the artist installation I spot on my way out of garden eden. My escape in Berlin.


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