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While waiting for Indian summer…

Early autumn rain Metterschling 2017


You can’t deny it – autumn is looking around the corner. Daylight melts and the grey sky slowly moves into daily routine accompanied by autumn’s friend – the rain. I am sure there will be some Indian summer days coming in September but until then – fight the grey with colour and the right clothes and carry the summer vibes at your heart. For me its my atlantic t-shirt.

atlantic love Metterschling 2017

What else I do to get cosy when it’s depressingly grey the whole day:

- Put fresh flowers from the market inside for some nature.
- Watching “La mujer fantástica” at the movie theatre. I admire how Marina lives her life with courage and pride while facing hostility for being transgender. It shocking how the bipolar gender roles are  still so deeply inscribed in us.
- Scanning the internet for autumn fashion. I fell in love with this beanie.
- Trying new recipes: blueberry-cardamon galettes . Try them with maple walnut ice-cream. That’s so yum!

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