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It’s spring time baby!

It's spring time baby! Metterschling spring outfit 2015

It's spring time, baby! Metterschling Spring outfit 2015


1. That’s what happens when a designer goes on a business trip to Amsterdam and passes a photobox. I love you too!
2. Blue top by American Apparel
3. Protea Flower necklace from Swiss designer Florian T.
4. Nail polish by Zoya (ZP 441)
5. Portuguese ceramic swallow from La vida portuguesa.
6. A definite sign of spring: Anemones in all different colours. And a definite way to put bad thoughts away. Thank you mummy!
7. I call them: White “Little Muck Pants”. I got them on sale from Stine Goya and couldn’t resist. I still do not know why the silk pants were in a winter collection…
8. Lipstick by Mäc (VEGAS VOLT B70)

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  1. Joan J. Churchill |

    How lovely the nail polish and the lipstick go together with the flowers! Kind of hard to imagine the pants in the folded state, but since they are sold out anyway… We are also looking forward to springtime, the first green is sprouting, can’t wait!

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