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Paris: A Parisienne for 72 hours

Datei 03.10.15 20 04 12

Daydreaming and eating baguette for breakfast…

Datei 03.10.15 19 21 33

Waiting dogs and the smell of all kinds of urine in the streets…
Being a big city traffic soldier: Navigating up and down the hills through crazy traffic switching from the bicycle path to the street to the sidewalk always searching for the gap to procede on your way to the next stop.
Rent a bike that does not look like a rental: Vélo Paris (44, rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris)

Datei 03.10.15 19 24 11

Inspiration: La manufacture parisienne (93 rue marcadet, paris 18)


Datei 03.10.15 19 53 44

When streetart inspires making streetart…A neighbour found the ghosts to bring depressive vibes in the hood and took matters into his hand, or better on the wall…

Datei 03.10.15 19 42 29

Hidden arty surprises in some corners…

Datei 03.10.15 19 41 51

Feeling bohemian and ready to train for a Pina performance in the dressing room area of the Isabel Marant boutique (16 Rue de Charonne, +33 1 49 29 71 559)

Datei 03.10.15 19 55 56

You found it when you feel totally lost next to KFC in front of the metro exit Porte de Clignancourt. The (fruit) dealers try to make the entrance seem inconspicious but hey: Go ahead! A little wonder of creativity, alternative but yet hipster flair is waiting behind: La Recyclerie: 83 Boulevard Ornano; 75018 Paris; +33 1 42 57 58 49)…

Datei 03.10.15 19 54 48

Letting the sun shine on you while sipping on a drink…


Datei 03.10.15 19 58 26

Soaking in the life of South Pigalle passing by sitting in front of a café with your love sipping on a hot drink: KBCoffeeshop (53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris, +33 1 56 92 12 41)…

Cocooning in a little, frenchy apartment in South Pigalle sipping on a glass of wine and eating artichoke bits after a long day of cycling and soaking in Paris, taking a hot bath before cuddlling yourself under the massive duvet…

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  1. Joan |

    What a great trip, thanks so much for sharing. Especially since my hubby and I plan visiting in summer 2016. Hope the pointers hold up until then *g* Artsy pictures too, if I can manage to stay as relaxed as you in nr1 I’ve made it!

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