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Sunday in the hammock

Summer Metterschling 2016



May: Trumpets out, hands up

Trumpets out hands up Metterschling mixtape may 2016

trumpets out hands up Metterschling Mixtape May 2016
1. Horus (feat. Graciano Music) – Midas 104
2. Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiedemann Remix) – I Have A Tribe
3. Beach – Cebra
4. Cumbia Sobre el Mar – Flowering Inferno & Quantic
5. La Noche – Onda Vaga
6. Boots – The Dead South
7. Alle Kinder (feat. Jan Delay) – Moop Mama
8. Will Smith, Meer Gayne? (feat. Biz Markie) – Fünf Sterne Deluxe
9. Meermenschen – Moop Mama
10. Venice Beach – The Egg

  • Christian sagt:

    Geniales Tape! Passt zu unseren Zeiten. Mein klarer Favorit diesen Monat: Meermenschen.
    Cebra gefällt mir komischerweise auch gut, werd’ mir das Album holen. Danke!

  • Joan sagt:

    What a beautiful collection, even though I don’t speak many of the required languages. Coincidentally we were listening on a boat (how befitting the cover) in the seattle bay. Thanks a lot and greetings across the pond, Joan



    Summer where are you?





    Weekend around the corner

    Kate Moss by Wolfgang Tillmanns at Boros Collection Berlin

    I took this picture of Kate Moss by photographer Wolfgang Tillmanns during the Preview-Days of this year’s Berlin Biennale at the beginning of June at the Boros Collection. The former bunker in Berlin Mitte was transformed by art collector and media entrepreneur Christian Boros into his home and houses contemporary art to kneel down to, especially for fans of the early Wolfgang Tillmanns. Don’t miss to visit this place on your next trip to Berlin!



    April: New spirits

    Metterschling Mixtape April 2016

    Metterschling Mixtape April 2016

    1. The Klezmer Thing – Ramzailech
    2. Stressed out – Twenty One Pilots
    3. Rennrad – Dota Kehr
    4. Spirits – The Strumbellas
    5. Far from any Road – The Handsome Family
    6. Never lift a Finger – Adam Green
    7. Laid Back Guitars – Kevin MacLeod
    8. Soledad – El Combo De Los Galleros
    9. Tataralí – Onda Vaga
    10. Sparring Partner – Paolo Conte
    11. Atone – Flora Cash



    Esc – the rain

    Escape the rain Metterschling 2016
    Escape- the rain Metterschling 2016

    1. “Iman” by Ryad Assani-Razaki (Original title: “La main d’Iman”): One handshake later and Toumani’s life turns 180 degrees. He is sold by his father to a young woman who promises poor people in this African country that their kids work in households of people in the city and in exchange get educated and have the possibility to have an independent life when grown up. Instead lots of kids become house slaves and get terribly abused as Tounami does. Iman who finds Tounami one day almost dead in the gully becomes his best friend. But Iman also carries luggage… Can one ever recover from such a trauma without becoming a perpetrator too? And why do you take the risk to cross the Mediterranean to come to Europe?

    2. My new weekend breakfast utensile from Starstyling Berlin: Breakfast plate and little bowl, then filled with either mocca flavoured yoghurt from the Saturday market just down the road of my home or vanilla flavoured yoghurt from the supermarket topped with selfmade granola.

    3. Escaping to summer holidays with Kaimana Body Oil “Earth”. I love body oils with a subtle smell. As I do not like perfume I always use them instead. The ingredients of “Earth” are: Sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, sesame oil aromatised with the etheric oils of sandelwood and patchouli.

    4. Perfect for a rainy Sunday: Reading a book in my Eames rocking chair in the most comfy milkyway leggings by H&M. This is one of my clothes where I think: Damn why didn’t I buy a dozen…

    5. Brilliant coffee table book and my escape bible: Off the Road – Explorers, Vans and Life off the Beaten Track. My dream vehicle: The Land Rover “Defender” to discover the coasts and hinterland of Europe and Morocco. What’s your favorite esc-vehicle?


  • Felix sagt:

    definetly a motorcycle. Best to escape with :) Best to feel and smell all magic along the road

    but for a car, the Defender will be a good choice as well…

  • Doro G. sagt:

    Riding a motorcycle is like riding on a horse. I love it loads but at night my bum always hurts…Maybe I have not enough practice..



    March: Spring Cleaning

    Metterschling Mixtape March 2016 - Spring Cleaning

    Metterschling Mixtape March 2016- Spring Cleaning
    1. Kikuchiyo to Mohshimasu (The Hiroshi Wada Mix) – Pink Martini
    2. Chinese Interlude – Tricky
    3. Planet Junior – The Babe Rainbow
    4. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
    5. Blurred Lines (feat. Pharell) – Robin Thicke
    6. Unpredictable – The Herd
    7. Game Country - Erdem Helvacıoğlu & Ros Bandt
    8. Spuck auf Rechts – Kaveh
    9. Mimimi – Samy Deluxe
    10. Tequila Sunrise – Cypress Hill
    11. Laid Back Guitars – Kevin MacLeod
    12. For Someone – Flora Cash

  • Christian sagt:

    Super, endlich ein neues Mixtape und die Kommentare sind auch wieder roger. Gleich mal zum ausnüchtern auf Stufe 12 anhören <3

  • Stefan sagt:

    Schicke Mischung, Mimimi ist zu komisch und die meisten tapes kannte ich naturgemäß aus Altersgründen nicht. Etwas irritiert habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen, dass “you sexy thing” von hot cholcolate vor den bunten Kopfkissen als “your sexy thing” aufgeführt war. Whatever that means. Schöner Gruß aus dem Süden für einen freien Sonnatg im Norden.



    ‹Icke› – Berlin

    Berlin - for the moment Metterschling 2016

    Berlin is like a teenager that constantly changes her appearance and reinvents herself. She has her own will and doesn’t care what people think. Berlin is proud, at times tough, direct, but always real and honest. As soon as you think you have understood her, she has gone though another metamorphosis. Therefore the golden rule to get the best out of this stubborn lady: Enjoy the  moment with Berlin, breathe deep and soak everything in. It might all different when meeting her next time.

    Dogs and cats in Berlin

    This is a snapshot of Berlin with some of the places I love at the moment, for the moment in my beloved Berlin. Berlin please, never grow up!

    Rent a bike (cheap bikes can be rent here: Lila Bikes; Schönhauser Allee 41, 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg); Mob.: +49 176 611 249 09) to discover town and feel like a local. There are plenty of bike paths. But watch out: The locals drive like crazy…
    Alternatively take a “Tagesticket AB” (Day Pass) to get around town. It costs 7,00 Euro. You can buy them at the ticket machines at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations. Tobacco shops with a yellow sign indicating “BVG” also sell tickets. The U8 is the best option to obeserve people from all walks of life.


    Weekends in Berlin are all about sleeping in and  enjoying a beautiful breakfast before starting the day.  Most Cafés open at 10.00 am and are crowded by 11.00 am. So you should either be an early bird and get there by ten or after 12.30 pm.

    Berlin Neukölln: Rag and Bone Man Metterschling 2016

    Rag and Bone Man
    Briesestraße 9, 12053 Berlin (Neukölln); (U7-Karl-Marx-Str.); (Mo-Fr: 9.00-19.00; Sat/Sun: 10.00-18.00)

    This little place in the heart of Neukölln combines everything I like: cosy atmosphere, hip but not yet hipster, inspiration, amazing food also for the eye (see pictures above). The place also houses a small second hand, macrame and flower shop. You should definitely try the freshly made “Berliner” with vanilla custard and jam. As I am more a salty breakfast eater my breakfast here always has two courses: Poached egg on avocado toast as a starter followed by the “Berliner”. If you choose the green tea you can get a second, third and fourth flush of your tea for free. The other drinks are served in pretty small glasses for the money they cost…

    Café Valentin
    Sanderstraße 13, 12047 Berlin; (U8 – Schönleinstraße); (Tue-Sun: 10.00-18.00)

    It’s really hard to decide in this cafe: Best porridge (e.g. with blueberries and cardamon) in town that feeds you for the whole day or delicoius “sm&oslash;rrebrot” where you dive into a jungle of fresh lettuce, berries and smoked tofu until you reach the homebaked bread with butter? Two courses don’t work out here as the porridge is such a rich dish. So you have to visit twice. The hot drinks are all served in a massive “hug mug” that takes care of enough hydration.


    Yumcha Heroes
    Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin; Phone: +49 (0)30 76213035 (U8-Rosenthaler Platz)

    My favorite eat out in “Mitte”. Always crowded especially in the evenings so better reserve a table! Tasty, freshly made Chinese dumplings that are served in the typical bamboo dumpling steamers. Though most people come for the dumplings, I highly recommend the silk tofu, which is served slightly warm with a tasty sauce. Also very delicious and something very different is the sticky rice in a lotus leaf. Drink either one of the tasty fruit cocktails (I prefer the one with lychee and watermelon) or drink a tea flower (for the lovebirds, try the white tea one, it is tied into the shape a heart and unfolds a beautiful flower in the hot water).

    Mulackstraße 29, 10119 Berlin; (U8-Weinmeisterstraße)

    Berlin Mitte Vietnamesisches Restaurant Manngo
    Head to this place for a hot Vietnamese soup “Pho” off Mitte’s main shopping street “Alte Schönhauser Straße” and relax from shopping in a calm and friendly atmosphere. The fresh fruit cocktails revitalize. Really good value for money. Small soup, some summerolls and a drink for less than 10.00 Euro/person!


    Le Corbusier House
    Flatowallee 16, 14055 Berlin; (S-Olympia Stadion)

    Berlin - Le Corbusier Haus Metterschling 2016

    C/O Berlin
    Hardenbergstraße 22,10623 Berlin; (S/U-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten)

    C/O Berlin

    I never was disappointed by C/O’s photo exhibitions. Though I preferred the old location at “Altes Postfuhramt” in Mitte they made the most of the new location – the house represents so much the look of former West-Berlin. Apropos, take the chance to discover the former West Berlin after visiting the exhibition…


    Krumme Lanke
    (U3-Krumme Lanke)

    Krumme Lanke Berlin


    Hobrechtstraße 66, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln), Phone: +49 (0)30 37 30 58 06, (U-Hermannplatz)

    Berlin Hüttenpalast
    In the heart of “Wrangel-Kiez” Hüttenpalast is an old factory building that has been transformed into an indoor camping ground. You sleep in an old refurbished caravan on white linen. The bathroom is shared as it is on a normal camping ground. Do not worry, the hall is heated! A Caravan for two costs 69,00 Euro per night. The price also includes tea/coffee, a croissant and an apple served in the common area. For a proper breakfast head to one of the many cafés close by, e.g. Café Valentin.

    My two favourite caravans are: Kleine Schwester and Dübener Ei.

    Easy Hotel
    Rosenthaler Straße 69, 10119 Berlin (Mitte), (U-Rosenthaler Platz)

    Great value for money. You are in the heart of Mitte. Hackescher Markt with all its little shops are only a stone’s throw away. The rooms are very clean, the mattresses, pillows and duvets very good. The fact that you can choose between a room with or without a window shows what kind of hotel this is…If you book early in advance you get a double room with window for 39,00 Euros. That’s unbeatable. Café Fleury (Weinbergsweg 20, 10119 Berlin) is a three minutes walk and serves very tasty breakfast with a hint of French.







    Easter in Berlin: Then as now

    Easter Aesthetics in Berlin Metterschling 2016



    February: Jiggle your Jelly Belly

    Metterschling  February Mixtape 2016

    Metterschling Mixtape February 2016 Jiggle your Jelly Belly

    1. Timber Timbre – Demon Host
    2. Fleur de Hollande – Stereo Total
    3. My Papaya Fruit – Malakoff Kowalski
    4. Grenzen – Dota Kehr
    5. Jobcenter Gangsta – Plusmacher
    6. Schwung in die Kiste – Die Orsons
    7. Undiú - João Gilberto
    8.  I Am over Here - Eerie Wanda
    9. Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance
    10. The River – l’aupaire
    11. Remind Me - Röyksopp
    12. Blue Bucket of Gold- Sufjan Stevens