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Mixtape: Nuno’s Arrival



It’s been pretty quiet on this blog for more than a year now. Well, the reason is that my little tribe grew again and I needed all hands ever hour the day to keep my two babes entertained.

But hey, finally I managed to finish a new mixtape. So happy about it, as music is still such an important part of our lives.

1. Tenemos Todo – Mathieu des Longchamps (Taggy Matcher Remix)
2. Why Oh Why – Laura Veirs
3. Malcom X feat. Winston  McAnuff – Inna De Yard
4. Japanese Squeeze – Sashamon
5. Sleep on it – Stand High Patrol
6. Aussi  belle qu’ une balle – Nouvelle Vague
7. From little things big thngs grow – Paul Kell
8. L’hiver indien – Baloji (Radio Edit)
9. Panaméricaine – Karpatt
10. Reggaetón Feminista – Chicos y Mendez
11. Kenke Corner – Guts
12. Man Smart (Woman Smarter) – Harry Belafonte
13. And the Living is Easy – Guts
14. Let the Horns Bun – Taiwan MC
15. Miss Chang – Chinese Man
16. My Master’s Will – Israel Vibration
17. Blue Chair – Morcheeba
18. We Are Never Apart – Nick Mulvey
19. DiônMaya – Victor Démé
20. Nakshathram – Jean du Voyage
21. Pfefferminz – Jatuna
22. Tonada de Luna Llena (feat. Los Macorinos) – Natalia Lafourcade

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