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May: Trumpets out, hands up

Trumpets out hands up Metterschling mixtape may 2016

trumpets out hands up Metterschling Mixtape May 2016
1. Horus (feat. Graciano Music) – Midas 104
2. Yellow Raincoats (Frank Wiedemann Remix) – I Have A Tribe
3. Beach – Cebra
4. Cumbia Sobre el Mar – Flowering Inferno & Quantic
5. La Noche – Onda Vaga
6. Boots – The Dead South
7. Alle Kinder (feat. Jan Delay) – Moop Mama
8. Will Smith, Meer Gayne? (feat. Biz Markie) – Fünf Sterne Deluxe
9. Meermenschen – Moop Mama
10. Venice Beach – The Egg


  1. Christian |

    Geniales Tape! Passt zu unseren Zeiten. Mein klarer Favorit diesen Monat: Meermenschen.
    Cebra gefällt mir komischerweise auch gut, werd’ mir das Album holen. Danke!

  2. Joan |

    What a beautiful collection, even though I don’t speak many of the required languages. Coincidentally we were listening on a boat (how befitting the cover) in the seattle bay. Thanks a lot and greetings across the pond, Joan

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