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Small guide to surf and chill

Best time to travel: Autumn or Spring

Peak season is over or has not started yet: mild sun (25 C), empty beaches,  friendly locals

Flight: Karlsruhe (Baden), Germany –> Marrakesch

Route: Marrakesch –> Essouira –> Sidi Kaouki –> Essouira –> Marrakesch

Length: 8 days

Costs: 1.000,00 Euro for two people all inclusive

Flights: 80,00 Euro per Person from Karlsruhe (Baden) via Ryan Air plus public Transport with Baden-Wuerttemberg ticket from Stuttgart for ca. 30,00 Euro (one way) plus rental car for return as flight arrived too late for 70,00 Euro



 Slept at: Riad Bamilike: modern maroccon design meets tradition

Very friendly host that helps at every time of the day and calms you down when being chased by Maroccons through narrow dark streets.

Jardin Majorelle

In Yves Saint Laurent’s former house and garden you can very easily escape the noise of the City and dive into a Garden Eden full of exotic plants and wonderfully painted Villa (it reminded me of the house of the Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo)

Shopping: beautiful rugs and pottery can be purchased close to jardin majorelle at Anitan; Maroccon teapots and glasses in high class quality can be purchased at 33 Rue Majorelle .  The shop includes a nice Café (perfect when getting a culture shock and you are searching for a western escape).


Slept at: Apartment: 150,000 Euro for one week via AirBnB

Alternative if you have the money check out Emma’s White house

Our sweet little home was situated  in an old town house in Essoueira’s medina and great host! A Little treasure from AirBnB. Our host Hamsa was relaxed, friendly and helpful.

Off the beaten track: flea market on Sunday. Our host Hamsa took us there. Vintage heaven! There is also a sheep skin seller a Little bit hidden in a random building where we bought very natural sheep skin for 8 Euro!

Best food in town: Fusion cuisine at the Elizir (1 Rue Agadir; Phone: 5247 472103): Marocco meets France. Awesome antiquities from the last century. Prebook a table if you want to eat there! It is crowded even in low season…


Sidi Kaouki

Empty beaches, great and empty waves; beachbreak; waves were 0,8-1,20 m: perfect conditions for me!

Bus or taxi from Essouira:  public bus (1,50 Euro per Person) running daily about every hour but especially on Weekends it takes ages until it leaves as the bus driver doesn’t start the journey until all places are taken…A taxi takes you to Sidi for 6,00 Euro (24km).


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