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Hipster medication: Muesli 5 plus

Hipster medication muesli 5plus mettereschling 2015

I recently read an interview with Devendra Benhart in my favorite magazine The Weekender that ended with Devendra’s Muesli recipe. Once I saw the ingredients I felt like fallen out of a time machine – my little me sitting on the breakfast table before school eating Kellog’s Original’s pimped up with choclate powder – and suddenly somewhere in time where you hardly know any ingredients of a normal breakfast dish: chia seeds, goji berries, pollen…???

What happened is hipster cereal (r)evolution. This came into my mind when I found myself a little later at the organic supermarket in front of an empty shelf with a  goji berry tag only. Secondly my hunting instinct was sparked to get all the ingredients of Devendra’s muesli to give it a try.  Well it is the most expensive muesli I have ever eaten. It’s pretty tasty though, I modified it a bit. Maybe you want to give it a go as a weekend starter.

Hipster medication Muesli 5plus Metterschling 2015

Ingredients (1 Portion) (fruits depending on season):

- 250g organic vanilla joghurt
- 3 spoons oat flakes
- 1 spoon goji berries
- 1 spoon almond slivers
- 1 tea spoon chia seeds
- 1 tea spoon bee pollen
-  a half finely sliced apple
- 1 spoon blueberries

Mix it all up and Enjoy!

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  1. Christian |

    OMG jetzt erobern schon digitale Gojibären das Internet ; ) Ich glaub’ ich bleib’ bei Stullenfrühstück.

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