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Getting comfy at home: Autumn books

Eating green when it's grey outside Metterschling 2015

Metterschling books autumn 2015

Winter is  knocking on the front door: The last leaves have been blown away from the trees in front of my living room and today I woke up with the first snowflakes falling down. Time to make yourself comfy at home with some good books and bringing the green into the home and tummy.

Fried small green peppers: What a lucky coincidence today at the supermarket when I found these small peppers that I ate frequently in summer at the Baskque Country in Northern Spain. The perfect snack. Jut fry them in the pan and add some ground sea salt in the end. I like them most warm.

Winternähe by Mirna Funk (only published in German so far): Ein Bild mit Hitlerbärtchen gepostet auf Facebook und Instagramm – der “Gag” von ein paar Bekannten auf einer Party wirft Lolas Leben durcheinander. Wer bin ich und wer entscheidet darüber? Lola, die bei ihren jüdischen Großeltern in Berlin aufgewachsen ist, begibt sich auf die Suche nach sich selbst in Berlin, Tel Aviv und Thailand. Sie durchleuchtet ihre Familiengeschichte, findet sich als Anklägerin der Bekannten vor Gericht wieder, sucht ihre jüdische Identität bei einer jüdischen Gemeinde in Berlin und reist zu Shlomo , ihrem Geliebten in Tel Aviv…Lola durchlebt all das überwältigt von Gefühlen der Angst, Traurigkeit, aber auch des Glücks…

The Weekender: Looking at the cover makes me want to go and buy lots of plants straight away to put some life in the flat as life outside is disappearing at the moment. After reading the article about the shop/café “Rag and Bone Man” (Briesestr. 9, Neukölln) I am making plans for my next trip to Berlin.

Löwen wecken by Ayelet Gundar-Gohsen (Original title: Leha’ ir Arajot): It happened after a long day of work at the hospital: Etan drives fast in the dark when he knocks over the man on the highway. Etan’s wife, a chief detective, has to solve a new case: death of an illegal immigrant after absconding. One day later a black young women stands in front of Etan’s door and tells him that she is the wife of the dead illegal immigrant. What would you do now? Etan’s parallel life starts that slowly destroys everything that he has lived and worked for so far…

Das Liebesleben des Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman (Original title: The love affairs of Nathaniel P.):  Nathaniel does his best to be a sensible, metrosexual man who understands the women who he is going out with. Though he can’t help that feelings are insulted when he breaks up his affairs and relationships when it comes to the point of taking over responsibility. The reader accompanies Nathaniel’s thoughts  and life when drifting through Brooklyn’s hip cultural scene. Will he make it to bind himself to another person in the long run?


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    I just bought Nathaniel P. Gonna start tonight. Thanks for the idea *g*

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