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Collected memories


Natural materials in my home give me a basic sense of trust and belonging to the world that is deeper than being part of the everday game. I collected the shells in Chiloé/Chile where I felt deeply connected to the other, the nature circle of life. Thinking of Chile I see the widths of the Patagonian steppe with its intense colours and the endless, remote beaches of Chiloé where I could only spot a wild horse every once in a while behind a  rhubarb plant…The way the wooden birds by the Danish designer Kristian Vedel can show their mood simply by moving the head a tiny little bit, does not stop to amaze me. There must be a soul living in the birds. The magnetic couple was a present at our wedding. It symbolizes the magnetism of love that should never end…All these little treasures stand on a selfmade wooden shelve in my bedroom next to my bed and give my den a warm atmosphere.

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Beautiful things! Especially the birds seem like a great idea for the upcoming holiday season. I’ll get some. I always enjoy your postings even though this one is a bit densely typed. Keep it coming ^^



    Miss Dotti and her dots


    Metterschling on my table

    Dotti skating along

    …Driving for a walk in Berlin’s Gräfekiez on a sunny morning with my dotted balloon on my skateboard…

    Ublichen Glueckwunsch

    …and the new Impossible Round Frame Edition (I call it the dot film) in my Polaroid camera. It is even more excting taking a picture as you never know whether you get the right spot in the spot. Well in this case I did…

    Dots actually accompany me for quite a while now. I even think dots joined me longer than my friend the stripe. Thinking of dots I think of my flatmate in Sydney who gave me the name Dot as he could not pronounce my name. I liked it as it reminded me of Erich Kästner’s book “Pünktchen und Anton” (the English title is “Anna Louise and Anton”, but in German “Pünktchen” means Dotti, it is the nickname of Anna Louise, the main character of this children book). I should watch the really cute movie again by Caroline Link who adapted the book to a movie. Another important dot is my dotted dress I am wearing so often by Starstyling Berlin.



    Being at home reading books




    KINFOLK (Volume 11): Since I am a little girl I am a loyal magazine consumer. With all my magazines I read over the years I had my own rituals of consuming.  For example I always started reading the new volume from the end as I was already excited what was coming next. The best articles I read last. I kept them like little treasures for a special moment. When looking back I can say each magazine accompanied me in a seven year circle and ended a rite of passage. So I came to thinking that the anthroposophic way of thinking life goes in seven years steps might really be true. When my magaznie and I drifted apart a new magazine was already waiting for me in the shelf that all of a sudden caught my attention- up to now. Well, the last months I drifted between several magazines, but none felt right…then I stumbled over KINFOLK. What should I say: I found a new friend for the next seven years. I am always sad when finishing a good book. It is like an intensive small affair that opens the door to a new world. A good magazine is like a new friendship. We will see maybe KINFOLK becomes a friend for life.

    My favourite sentence in Volume 11: “I’ve come to savor those rather uneventful moments, such as curating a photo exhibit on my fridge that few will ever view.”

    KINFOLK feels like an anthology of short stories carefully curated and selected with love. You can soak in other people’s persectives of little things in daily life. The “HOME” volume felt a little bit like reading in a friend’s diary.

    Sunset Park by Paul Auster: “Coming of age” in new dimensions: not only the main character, the 28 year old Miles Heller is drifting like the “Catcher in the rye”. It’s also his 60 plus dad and all the other people in Miles’ surroundings with the US financial crisis in the neck.

    My favourite sentence (I translated the sentence from my German book version): “It feels good to be somewhere else for a few weeks, at some other place  but in your own head”.

    HIPSTER WIRD’S NICHT by Uli Hannemann: Berlin is the home of my heart. I have a special connection to this city that has always been by home when being in a liminal stage. Uli Hannemann is among the variey of author’s writing about Berlin my most favourite one: razor sharp descriptions of current life in the “Kiez” Neukölln from the view of a “real” Berliner. For me the incorporation of the “Berliner Schnauze” and its humour. Nearly each sentence felt like a citation I wanted to keep  in mind becoming part of my own vocabulary.

    Most favourite word learnd: wohlstandsverwahrlost – That’s how the main character in the book characteries the average Berlin Hipster.

    Also really good by Uli Hannemann: Neulich in Neukölln

    Der Mond flieht by Rax Rinnekangas: I think books from the far north all have this implicit mysticim and this subtle threat like a thriller and so does this book about a childhood in summer in Finland. I admire Rinnekangagas ability to catch the thoughts of thirteen year old children on their lives in the liminal stage between childhood living in your own fantasy world and adolescence that is accompanied with a loss of innocence on different levels.


  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    Really enjoyed Sunset Park as well :) Not too US centric?

  • Doro G. sagt:

    it is pretty US-centric, yes, but I learned loads about the love for baseball and about American intellectuals:) What I liked most about the book is the drifting of the people in their post-adolescence with the American crisis in the back…This drifting is a sign for my whole generation that is suddenly 30 but does not at all has the standard of living as their parents did.

  • Joan J. Churchill sagt:

    didn’t get the BB references either :)



    My Antwerp outfit


    1. Yellow blouse by a.puur.a (by katrien buyle)

    2. a Little surprise from &Designshop

    3. Tape by mt

    4. Vintage Pharmacy Bottle by Tante Brocante

    5. Long purple skirt by nice things (Paloma S.)



    My new love: long skirts




    Humpti Tumpti fall soft on my hair






    Springtime: a hint of mexico and a bit of grunge


    Going on a bike tour with a t-shirt only showed me: springtime temperature finally arrived. Nature evolves and so does my wardrobe who got two new members to celebrate spring…



    My springtime favorites:

    1. Glow in the dark mini skateboardy by Penny Skateboards Australia

    2. “Khalo” Shirt by Sessún

    3. Skirt by Soeur Paris



    Amsterdam at home

     Nordish taste for tummy and eye



    1. Very rare and undamaged Tucan-Lamp: Ferrari Design bought at Wonderwood

    2. Wallpaper Amsterdam: first input for my truffel nose

    3. and 5.  Clipper Tea: design meets taste meets organic and fairtrade. My dip: Lemon/Ginger

    4. Stropwaffels: I love the classical Dutsch design of the tin. Inside: yummy waffels filled with honey.

    6.  De Ruijter choclate bits: try them with warm self cooked vanilla Pudding!

    7. Dorsett Honey Granola: I always looked for granola in Germany but could not find any. This delicous müsli has lots of pecan nuts and sunflower seeds in it. I love the artsy design of the packaging. The pakcages lighten up my storage room now…

    8. Tea Towel: I love the morbid charme on this classical fabric. Actually the “Towel” is used as table cloth in my kitchen. It is funny to watch the irritating view of my friends when seeing it. It is this: look twice gaze to be sure…who nows maybe the cocroaches go in my storage room at night and eat my granola.



    Fotoshooting in the Forest



    Winter is definitely over: Got my first sun-burn at the shooting! Another sign for spring: waking up on a saturday at seven a.m with lots of energy and bees under your bum. Everything inside is screaming: go out and enjoy the sun! I did!