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Summer in the North

Summer in the North Metterschling 2016



Sunday in the hammock

Summer Metterschling 2016



Summer where are you?





Weekend around the corner

Kate Moss by Wolfgang Tillmanns at Boros Collection Berlin

I took this picture of Kate Moss by photographer Wolfgang Tillmanns during the Preview-Days of this year’s Berlin Biennale at the beginning of June at the Boros Collection. The former bunker in Berlin Mitte was transformed by art collector and media entrepreneur Christian Boros into his home and houses contemporary art to kneel down to, especially for fans of the early Wolfgang Tillmanns. Don’t miss to visit this place on your next trip to Berlin!



Esc – the rain

Escape the rain Metterschling 2016
Escape- the rain Metterschling 2016

1. “Iman” by Ryad Assani-Razaki (Original title: “La main d’Iman”): One handshake later and Toumani’s life turns 180 degrees. He is sold by his father to a young woman who promises poor people in this African country that their kids work in households of people in the city and in exchange get educated and have the possibility to have an independent life when grown up. Instead lots of kids become house slaves and get terribly abused as Tounami does. Iman who finds Tounami one day almost dead in the gully becomes his best friend. But Iman also carries luggage… Can one ever recover from such a trauma without becoming a perpetrator too? And why do you take the risk to cross the Mediterranean to come to Europe?

2. My new weekend breakfast utensile from Starstyling Berlin: Breakfast plate and little bowl, then filled with either mocca flavoured yoghurt from the Saturday market just down the road of my home or vanilla flavoured yoghurt from the supermarket topped with selfmade granola.

3. Escaping to summer holidays with Kaimana Body Oil “Earth”. I love body oils with a subtle smell. As I do not like perfume I always use them instead. The ingredients of “Earth” are: Sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, sesame oil aromatised with the etheric oils of sandelwood and patchouli.

4. Perfect for a rainy Sunday: Reading a book in my Eames rocking chair in the most comfy milkyway leggings by H&M. This is one of my clothes where I think: Damn why didn’t I buy a dozen…

5. Brilliant coffee table book and my escape bible: Off the Road – Explorers, Vans and Life off the Beaten Track. My dream vehicle: The Land Rover “Defender” to discover the coasts and hinterland of Europe and Morocco. What’s your favorite esc-vehicle?


  • Felix sagt:

    definetly a motorcycle. Best to escape with :) Best to feel and smell all magic along the road

    but for a car, the Defender will be a good choice as well…

  • Doro G. sagt:

    Riding a motorcycle is like riding on a horse. I love it loads but at night my bum always hurts…Maybe I have not enough practice..



    Easter in Berlin: Then as now

    Easter Aesthetics in Berlin Metterschling 2016



    Amsterdam Noord: Colour Candy

    Amsterdam Noord Metterschling 2016

    Amsterdam Noord Metterschling 2016

    The old industrial northern part of Amsterdam is developing very fast, but in the meantime you can enjoy the creativtiy that pops up at every corner. Hopefully it stays Amsterdam’s creative playground for a while.

    When I took this picture it was pretty cold and windy. So we stopped at Café Noorderlicht (NDSM-Plein 102, 1033 WB Amsterdam) afterwards for a hot, fresh mint tea. I fell in love with this cosy, alternative place. The wind was kept outside and the sun touched my skin through the glass house. I felt like a plant in a greenhouse…

    One day I would like to have my own living container by the sea with a full glass front and a round hole in the roof above my bed to look at the stars. In the meantime I use the mini container DS designed by Kuno Nüssli as storage place in our apartment and as constant reminder…

    More places I like in Amsterdam Noord you can find here



    All about the moon

    Christmas 2015 full moon metterschling 2015

    Full Moon Christmas 2015 metterschling 2015

    Full moon christmas 2015 metterschling

    Just thought of the song “Small town moon” by Regina Spektor when I looked out at the sky with the christmas tree candles reflecting in the window…

    I hope you all have a peaceful christmas with your beloved ones.

  • Hans-Georg sagt:

    listening to schönberg’s Verklärte Nacht” Weile watchind the Moon .beddie-Byte .DADDY