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Art for the eyes and for the soul

Things February 2016 Metterschling

1. Kinfolk No. 12 – the Saltwater Issue is my favourite one. Makes you dream of life close to the sea and gives you an insight of what pepper thinks of his dominant counterpart salt.
2. Paper Cactus: little souvenir from labofem in Istanbul living in our sleeping room. Hopefully this little fellow starts rooting in spring.
3. Carnival season: Wodden doll (No 12) designed by  Alexander Gerard 1953. Vitra Design made them come back to life. Gerard’s passion was travelling and getting inspiration from other cultures. Mmh, where do I know that from?
4. Bucket bag by Kvinna - my new material love
5. Banana Yoshimoto’s “kitchen”: Salinger meets Japan. Yoshimoto’s language lets you dive deep into the Japanese soul although it is pretty tough how many strokes of fate her protagonist has to bear…

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  1. kalle |

    i also read the banana yoshimoto’s so sad but beautifully written…

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