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Anouk Namiko

Little bear named Anouk Namiko

Anouk Namiko 2018

It’s been pretty quiet on this blog. Well, the reason is this little bear – Anouk Namiko – that came into our lives six weeks earlier than expected and kept me busy.

Born with 1760g and a length of 45 cm meant to stay in hospital for a while to feed her up a bit before starting our family life at home. But our tough little girl made it no doubt. I can’t wait to dip her feet into the ocean…

In the meantime we enjoy landing on earth together in our nest lying in the hammock, taking a bath, cuddle together or simply stare at each other as if we couldn’t believe what just happened – we became a family.


  1. Joan |

    Oh how lovely! She already seems to have inherited the style and joy of her mother. And what a beautiful and unusual name, where does Namiko come from (doesn’t sound very German)? Impressive that you can blog even though you have a little one in your midst. Congratulations and all the best to the young family!

  2. Doro G. |

    Namiko is a Japanese name and means daughter of the wave.

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