ein Blick in den Kopf von Frau G.




Discovering Amsterdam via bike is the best and only way to discover Amsterdam and its neighbourhoods easily. Compare the prices and rather go to a small bicycle shop where you get authentic, not tourist branded organge Holland bikes. A Dutsch Person told me: only tourists walk. Well, I am an experienced cycler, but Amsterdam is really advanced. I felt like in a Computer game with millions of barriers to take eachs second…But it is fun! Try to cyle the small ”Grachten” though as it gives you the possibility to look at the cute little houses and Shops on the left and right. Amsterdam has more than 10.000 little Shops – the only city I know where you are not confronted with the big Labels and anonymous Shopping malls all the time..


I love looking in the houses of other people. Amsterdam is the perfect spot for this hobby. Is not there a voyeur in all of us?

Nature meets art: Great Exhibition by Artist  Judith de Vries at hutspot. If you are searching for something to lighten up your home…You can leave your media naranja in the great cafe. Everything you sit on, drink out of and see on the walls is for sale.


Going wild in Amsterdam…

Mid century desgin classics at wonderwood

Friday next: The Dutch People seem to love the cafe in the shop concept. Nice contemporary Nordish design by hay and co..

 Vondelpark: Great escape in the middle of the City.


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