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-12 Centigrade: Gettn’ cosy inside

knitting a beanie Metterschling 2017

Hardly any market stalls on this Saturday with freezing -12 centigrade outside. But I am proud I made myself go outside to grab some winterly flowers. Back home I continued with my knitting piece. For many knitting a beanie might be routine but for me it is my first creative challenge of the year – my first round circle knitting piece – a beanie for my love. Well, originally it should have been this pattern, but I somehow did it wrong so I go on with my interpretation and hope it will be a beanie in the end (that fits). I chose baby alpaca yarn in creme and marine colour for it.

Every once in a while I snack one of those tasty roasted almonds and chocolate prezels out of this cute ceramic bowl. I got both of them from our friends for christmas. I really need to know how they roasted those almonds.

winterly flowers

Every time I go to the flower market I find seasonal flowers I haven’t seen before and I fall in love with. I hope those little surprises will never end.

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  1. Joan J. |

    How beautiful! The flowers look so lovely contrasted against the white boards – postcard perfect.

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